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Professional Dent Repair Services

At Dent Repair, we offer paintless dent removal services from door dints and trolley dents to hail damage removal.

Our Expertise

Paintless dent removal is an art that involves precision, patience and years of practice to achieve that wanted quality final finish. There is nothing more satisfying seeing happy customers!

Paintless Dent Removal

Dent Repair uses special tools and leverage to push dents as well as pull dents. Contrary to popular belief, paintless dent removal uses glue rather than suction to pull dents. The special glue is completely safe and peals off with out damaging the paint. Self quotes are simple and can be done using your phone... including uploading send pictures

Hail Damage and Insurance

Sadly, each year vehicles get damaged by hailstones in various parts of the country. It is important to know your rights and obligations. We take you through the process step by step and ensure that you know the current repair processes. If you have been hit by hail, please get it checked for damage with us. It's FREE!!

Door Dints and Trolley Dents

As modern vehicles metal gauge become weaker, more vehicles are succumbing to dents and dints. Whether it is in a car park, shopping centre, sports complex and so on, it is not uncommon for vehicles to sustain minor dents. If you see a dent, upload your pictures and we can provide not only a quote but an opinion on its repair. Please contact us.